Pilot Dan Hesseliusl with drone aircraft

'Project Drought' taps drones to measure water moisture at Colorado farm

July 28, 2017

CU Boulder engineers, scientists and students are teaming up with Black Swift Technologies of Boulder to use unmanned aircraft in the coming weeks to measure water moisture at a test irrigation farm in Yuma, Colorado.

A woman rides her bike along a Boulder backroad.

Ride Your Bike, Support Engineering Scholarships

July 27, 2017

The Buffalo Bicycle Classic , a series of bicycle and running events to raise money for students, now supports scholarships for students in CU Engineering! Since 2003, this cycling fundraiser has provided more than $3 million in scholarships for CU Boulder students. This year, on Sept. 10, you can have...

Catalyze CU Demo Day event

Catalyze CU Launches Student-Led Startups

July 26, 2017

The student and faculty teams in CU Boulder accelerator program Catalyze CU have been incubating transformative companies for the past seven weeks. Get a front-row-seat to hear them pitch their ideas to the community and potential investors on from 6-8:30 p.m. July 27 in the Canyon Theater and Gallery in...

An empty hospital ward.

Engineers demonstrate 'germ trap' for hospitals

July 26, 2017

When an infectious airborne illness strikes, some hospitals use negative pressure rooms to isolate and treat patients. These rooms use ventilation controls to keep germ-filled air contained rather than letting it circulate throughout the hospital. But, in the event of an epidemic, these rooms can quickly fill up. Now, a team at CU Boulder has found a simple, cost-effective way for medical facilities to expand this technique to better prepare for disease outbreaks.

Vanessa Aponte

Vanessa Aponte is advancing next generation space technology and next generation engineers

July 25, 2017

Vanessa Aponte (AeroEngr PhD '06) has rubbed shoulders with astronauts, designed equipment to travel into space, and worked with technology so specialized she is not allowed to talk about it. As a Lockheed Martin engineer and CU aerospace PhD graduate, she has achieved great things and is instilled with a...

Alan Sanchez

Alan Sanchez

July 24, 2017

#ILookLikeAnEngineer Why did you choose engineering at CU Boulder? I did not know anything about engineering when it came time to apply to colleges, and CU Boulder was one of the schools I applied to because it was familiar and close to home. I chose to join the engineering program...

The nearly finished Swaziland bridge at sunset.

Bridges to Prosperity Completes First Project in Swaziland

July 24, 2017

That’s a wrap from the Bridges to Prosperity Swaziland team! The team reports that despite working sunup to sundown on their last planned work day, the bridge still was not 100 percent complete. Rather than having a celebration for an unfinished bridge, they decided to have one final work day...

Dean Bobby Braun

"Failure was an option" - Ep. 1 - Bobby Braun

July 21, 2017

For our first episode, we sat down with the new dean of engineering, Bobby Braun to talk about his background but also the first semester on the job here and what the future might look like for the college.

Dean Bobby Braun

Daily Camera: CU Engineering unveils strategic vision

July 21, 2017

Strategic Vision

Engineering for Impact: Unveiling a New Strategy for Our College

July 21, 2017

Today we’re announcing our roadmap for the future – and the actions we will take to get there. In my first semester as dean, we completed a community-driven brainstorming process to determine what our goals should be as an institution, and how we reach them. Out of this series of...