BS/MS 2019, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Systems Engineer | Rocket Lab

Current city: Long Beach, CA

My career path:  I found my interest in space systems at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics where I worked in the Mission Operations group during my undergraduate and graduate schooling. I began working at Rocket Lab after finishing my BSMS as I wanted to work in a fast paced environment where I could get a large breadth of experience. Rocket Lab did not disappoint. My duties range from writing embedded software for attitude control systems to developing mathematical models to help size third stage propulsion systems.

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador:  I take pride in coming from CU! I love running into fellow Alumni when out and about in Southern California. It's great to hear the amazing places that people end up after University.

Personal interests: Mountain biking, climbing, camping, hiking, and exploring all that SoCal has to offer.

Contact me: Email, LinkedIn