BS 2012, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder 
PhD 2020, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology  

Current city: Atlanta, GA
A bit about my career path after graduating from CU: Upon graduation, I pursued a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. This was motivated by the passion instilled in me for this field during my Aerospace Materials course at CU. In graduate school I studied polymers and macromolecules. My thesis research focused on novel characterization methods of colloidal systems and on lyotropic liquid crystalline materials. Apart from my thesis work, I founded a company where we created the first self-applied, permanent tattoo system. Through this company I was awarded a fellowship through the Scheller College of Business that focused on technology commercialization. 
My interest in becoming a Regional Network Ambassador: I have been passionate about staying connected with CU and have served as the Chapter Leader of Forever Buffs Atlanta for several years. Despite being very connected, I have always felt that alumni of the College of Engineering and Applied Science lack the firm connections found within the alumni networks of the other Colleges at CU. I have always had a desire to increase alumni connections within alumni of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. As a Regional Network Ambassador I hope to help foster connections between current students and alumni as well as connecting to the Forever Buffs network.  

Contact me: Email, LinkedIn