BS 2018, Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Water and Wastewater Process Engineer │ Jacobs

Current city: Englewood, CO

My career path: After graduating from CU, I interned at a water and sanitation utility for about eight months before joining Jacobs. As a young professional, my goal is to just learn and grow as an engineer and individual

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: My time as an environmental engineering student at CU Boulder was wonderful and fulfilling, and I have received great mentorship from CU Alumni throughout my career. My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador is to help further develop a stronger network between students and alumni and contribute any help I can to make a new graduate’s job/career search a little easier and maybe less stressful.

Personal interests: I enjoy camping, fishing, spending time with friends, and visiting my family in the small town of Florence, CO. 

Contact me: Email