Student working on air research in the lab

Air quality project breathes life back into Colorado classrooms

June 1, 2021

With support from the heating and ventilation company Carrier Global, Intel and the Colorado-based Ryan Innovation Group, engineers at CU Boulder have installed hundreds of air quality monitors in K-12 classrooms across Denver and Boulder. The project is led by Mark Hernandez, professor in the Environmental Engineering Program at CU Boulder.

Alessandro Roncone

Video: Alessandro Roncone on human-robot interaction research at CU Boulder

May 20, 2021

Roncone is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. His work lies at the intersection of research in human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence and robot control & planning with the goal of developing robot technologies that enable close, natural, and extended cooperation with humans. He also serves as a co-director for the Engineering Education and AI-Augmented Learning research theme in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder.

Rafael Frongillo

Frongillo to design learning algorithms and economic mechanisms to improve predictions

May 19, 2021

Rafael Frongillo, an assistant professor in the CU Boulder Department of Computer Science, studies how changing the way we measure prediction accuracy can ultimately influence the decisions made by humans and machines alike.

Nisar Ahmed

Video: Nisar Ahmed on autonomous systems and the Cooperative Human-Robot Intelligence Lab

May 18, 2021

Nisar Ahmed is developing collaborative human and autonomous robot vehicle systems and machine learning and artificial intelligence for aerospace applications. An assistant professor in Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU Boulder, Ahmed's work is advancing how people and robots interact and work with eachother.

Professor Lynch with a student in the lab

College celebrates 12 NSF CAREER award winners in 2021

May 18, 2021

Twelve faculty members within the College of Engineering and Applied Science received CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation in 2021. The total shows an impressive trend with the college earning five awards in 2019 and seven in 2020, said Associate Dean for Research Massimo Ruzzene.

Pipette tip prototype illuminated by green light

Shields Lab receives NIH grant to help quickly diagnose fungal infections

May 18, 2021

The Shields Lab has received an NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award (R21) to develop a specialized pipette to isolate and prepare fungal biomarkers for study.

Stephanie Bryant in the lab

Bryant to become new Materials Science and Engineering Program director

May 14, 2021

Professor Stephanie J. Bryant was recently elected by her fellow Materials Science and Engineering faculty to lead the program as its new director, starting on July 1.

Pawel Sawicki

CU Boulder hypersonics modeling research honored at AIAA

May 12, 2021

Pawel Sawicki, a PhD candidate in the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU Boulder, is the lead author on a paper that recently won the AIAA Thermophysics Best Student Paper award at SciTech 2021.

Nina Vance in the lab with a student

Vance to study changes in particles as they move between indoor, outdoor environments

May 12, 2021

Marina Vance – an assistant in the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Environmental Engineering Program – was recently awarded an NSF CAREER Award to understand how aerosol particles transform as they move between indoor and outdoor environments and what the implications of that process are.

 Sidney D’Mello

Podcast: Sidney D’Mello on artificial intelligence in the classroom

April 29, 2021

Sidney D’Mello, Associate Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Computer Science at CU Boulder, describes how his unique combination of education and research experiences led to his leading-edge work at the NSF National Institute for Student-Agent Teaming, which is reimagining the role of artificial intelligence in the classroom to better serve both students and teachers.