BA 2009, Physics, University of Colorado BoulderDaniel McKinnon Headshot

PhD 2014, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Product Manager | Facebook

Current city: Palo Alto, CA

My career path: After stumbling upon a book hidden somewhere in the corner of Norlin Library while procrastinating before a quantum mechanics exam, I decided to pivot away from the physical sciences and toward the biological. This led me Kristi Anseth's lab in the Chemical Engineering Department where I studied how the viscoelastic behavior of gels affected cellular processes. After grad school, I spend four months learning that I had no interest in a career engineering consulting and headed west to Silicon Valley, the land of flying cars, fabricated currency, and start-ups that replace your mom. I am currently working in Applied Machine Learning at Facebook on speech recognition and language understanding.

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: There are a lot of great Buffs out in California, but hardly know any of them. I would love to connect with new people and help fellow alumni get situated.

Personal interests: Tennis & skiing, cryptocurrencies & quant finance, weird books & travel.

Contact me: Email, Twitter, Website