BS 2013 Civil Engineering, CU Boulder 

MS 2014 Civil Engineering, CU Boulder

Assistant Project Manager | FivePoint Holdings

Current city:  San Francisco, CA 

My career path: During my time at CU, I had the opportunity to work for a general contractor in the Bay Area in a construction management capacity. I absolutely loved construction and was drawn to both the excitement and the sense of fulfillment from seeing projects built in the real world. After completing my MS degree, I moved back to the Bay to resume working as a project engineer, primarily on bridges and dams. After completing the exams to become a licensed Professional Engineer and some time volunteering in Peru, I returned once again to SF for work, but this time for a real estate developer. I now get to contribute to designing and building some of the largest projects in the region. 

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: I have incredible pride in being a Buff. Not only did I have a phenomenal experience at CU, but my time there really put me on a path toward success; both professionally and personally. I feel an obligation to give back to the school that has given me so much. With the increased momentum of the SF Alumni Network, I want to help others re-connect to the university and build a robust regional network. 

Contact me: Email, LinkedIn