Located in the heart of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Colorado Boulder, the Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center is a hub for student engagement, academic support, and co-curricular involvement; particularly for students historically underrepresented in STEM fields.

The BOLD Center has 8 full-time employees as well as graduate student assistants, undergraduate employees and 35+ tutors. The team oversees several large initiatives including advising eight diverse engineering student societies, industry partnerships, student engagement, scholarship administration, two research programs, an engineering pathway residential learning community, and a tutoring center for the entire college.

The BOLD Center is intentional about our impact on college student readiness and success and we keep at the forefront a commitment to increasing matriculation, retention and graduation rates of underrepresented minority students in engineering at CU Boulder.

Our mission is also our name and our purpose; “We commit to Broadening Opportunities through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) by cultivating an inclusive, equitable, educational experience and community for underrepresented students to thrive in engineering and applied sciences.”