Digital Reading Device

Digital textbook scribbles, highlights could give students a learning leg up

The scribbles and highlights made by students reading digital textbooks should allow them to sharpen their learning curve, thanks to new software that can assess how they are digesting academic material and suggest more effective study techniques.

Amy Kramer

Saving Businesses from Patent Trolls

Intellectual property attorneys don’t bask in the spotlight, but they are a company’s best friend when it comes to protecting IP rights. Instead of taking victory laps for defending against increasingly common infringement cases, intellectual property attorneys are likely buried underneath stacks of documents, poring over every detail to protect their clients’ rights. This is the world of engineer-turned-intellectual property lawyer Amy Kramer.


Matossian's Search

As an Apollo generation kid in the Washington D.C. area, Mark Matossian (AeroEngr MS ’93, PhD ’95) remembers watching the live moon landings on television, then wandering outside at night squinting at that very same celestial body, trying to see the lunar module. “That time ignited…wonder,” says Matossian, head of program management and production at Google’s Skybox Imaging. “It was then that I connected with space.”

DeCook husband and wife

Pay it Forward

Every year, David DeCook (ArchEngr ’71) hosts a dinner for new recipients of his architectural engineering scholarship. When he meets them, he likes to issue a challenge. “We want you to try to do the same we’re doing for you,” he tells them. “You’re going to make good bucks, and we want you to try to repay it down the line.”