Published: Feb. 23, 2023
Vandana Duff headshot

Vandana Duff graduated from CU Boulder with a BS in electrical and computer engineering in 2016. At CU Boulder, she was active with the Society of Women Engineers and the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Her work experience includes work as an ASIC test engineering intern at Keysight Technologies before joining the company full time as an application engineer with a spectrum analysis focus. Since that time, she has been with Keysight Technologies and specialized in technical marketing. She worked as a high-speed digital engineer product manager and is now quantum computing solutions product manager. She is a board member of the Signal Integrity Journal.

Duff is still active in the Society of Women Engineers and works with the career fair booth committee, planning smooth events at the national SWE conference. Vandana also spends time with "Keysight Afterschool," assisting children 9- to 13-year-olds  in completing hands-on science experiments. In particular, she works with the girls to encourage and inspire them.

Contributions to the Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Department over the past year:

In the past year, Duff has been active in recruiting at CU Boulder for Keysight Technologies. She has given talks for the IEEE student chapter, covering topics like how to be successful as a student, how to effectively job search, and what types of engineering jobs are available for ECEE students. She has been active with the ECEN 1400 Project Expo, both judging and mentoring students. In addition, Duff has been a speaker for ECEN 1100 Exploring ECE. Her guest lecture was very well received, and she went the extra mile to personally connect with a number of students after the class. In addition to her work with students, Duff is helping to develop programming for alumni and consults on marketing and outreach initiatives for the department. She is always eager to help support the department and its students.