Published: Feb. 14, 2023
Ouelette headshot

Ouellette, who uses they/them pronouns, graduated from CU Boulder with a BS in mechanical engineering. They held a variety of engineering roles, including working as a civilian nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy in Honolulu before returning to CU Boulder. They started as an engineering project consultant for the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program in 2021. They were very involved with the BOLD Center as a student, both as a BOLD Scholar and a tutor serving all students in the college.

Contributions to the BOLD Center over the past year:

Ouellette has nurtured an ongoing relationship with the BOLD Center and remains highly engaged as an alum. They have provided support to GoldShirt Summer Bridge and are frequently present in BOLD throughout the academic year. They have also helped answer a variety of student questions, including supporting students in their search to find on-campus jobs. Natasha actively works to get BOLD staff input on college-wide diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and readily volunteered time in BOLD to support students during a time when the center was understaffed.

Ouellette is a DEI champion for the college and says, "An inclusive culture is important to me because listening to and incorporating diverse perspectives creates better designs, and because people perform better when they feel safe and valued." They continue to be an advocate and support for BOLD students and staff.