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Rupa DachereRupa Dachere (CompSci’94) recognizes the challenges women software developers still encounter in the workforce.

“Nobody is going to coddle you, so you learn to perform, handle difficult personalities and play chess in order to make a difference and grow at work," she said.

Dachere is the CEO and president of Thrive-WiSE (formerly known as CodeChix) a nonprofit that offers mentorship, technical training programs and hosts networking events for female developers and engineers.

Dachere recently moved back to Colorado to take care of her elderly parents, but still travels to and from the Bay Area to continue her mission to help women achieve success in their careers. She is also looking to expand her network of women in science and engineering in Boulder.

Thrive-WiSE supports women in business, specifically women engineers in technical industries, from graduates entering industry to women returning to industry and looking to climb the technical ladder.

"Engineers are driven by an internal fire to create and build unique solutions to old and new problems, regardless of industry. Problem analysis and solutioning is in our DNA," said Dachere.

Since 2015, Thrive-WiSE has hosted many conferences to aid women in industry and create a safe space for women. They feature high-level technical conversations and provide workshops to enhance their skills.

For those conferences, Dachere spends hours selecting the topics, finding speakers, developing the programs, and connecting with sponsors.

"I dislike wearing heels and dressing up (one of the reasons I chose engineering), but there are times when it is critical to do just that,” she said. “Breaking strict rules for the right reasons is also a little bit of the rebellious part of good engineering traits."

How to get involved

Thrive WiSeIn late March, Thrive-Wise hosted its March 2022 Micro-Conference, a two-day event featuring a series of technical and cultural conferences for women engineers, project managers, and tech leaders. The primary focus was the promotion and mentorship of women engineers and students.

Thrive-WiSE holds monthly Campfire Conversations with open and inclusive conversations on various topics relevant to career and work-life integration! Register for the next Campfire Conversations on April 20 at 12 p.m. Join their slack workspace to get the latest information. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.