Ram NarayanswamyAlumni Engagement Medal Award 2022

President, Teaq Innovations LLC
Boulder, Colorado

Professional Background

Dr. Ram Narayanswamy (PhDElEngr’96) works at the forefront of digital imaging and computer vision. He has held technical and management leadership roles from start-upstart-up to Forture100 companies. Currently, his consulting company Teaq Innovations, is dedicated to bringing the advances in imaging and 3D sensing data analytics to a range of industries, including robotics, healthcare, fintech, and infrastructure. Previously, he served as Advanced Tech Lead at Ball Aerospace, Vice President of Sensing at Occipital, Principal Engineer & Program Director at Intel Corporation, and Director of Marketing and Product Management at On-Semiconductor. While at On-Semiconductor, Intel-Labs, and Occipital, he developed multi-camera systems for 3D sensing and immersive experiences. His work at Intel included incubating Intel’s Real Sense multi-camera system, which won the "Best of CES 2015" award. Prior to that, he was an early member of CDM Optics, a company that pioneered the field of computational imaging, a start-up spun out of CU Boulder, and was subsequently acquired by Silicon Valley-based OmniVision Technologies. As a volunteer, Dr. Narayanswamy advises start-ups, non-profits, and academia. He currently serves as the Board member for the University of Colorado’s ATLAS Institute; Chairman of the Advisory board for CU’s Electrical Engineering; Chairperson for Optica’s (formerly OSA) Annual Congress on Imaging and Applied Optics; Mentor for NSF's ICorp program; President of Rocky Mountain Vipassana Association. Dr. Narayanswamy holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MS degree from the University of Virginia. He has over 40 technical papers and 14 patents to his name, and he is a senior member of the IEEE.

Contributions to the electrical, computer & energy engineering department over the past year

Over the past year, Dr. Narayanswamy has served as Chair of the ECEE External Advisory Board(EAB), as a member of the ATLAS advisory board, and as a member of the ECEE marketing and outreach (M&O) committee. In his role as Chair of our EAB, he has rejuvenated that entity due to his passion to see that group becoming an active and functional board. In addition to adding another annual meeting, he has also been instrumental in exploring ways that board members can be engaged throughout the year. In his committee work, he has been a very vocal and important contributor to not only help the marketing and outreach committee set a strategic direction, but also in contributing to the entire strategic plan for the department. Overall, his comments and suggestions are deeply rooted in his long-term management experience and enables us to move beyond our internal thinking to discover fresh new solutions. He is a true leader on the EAB, and he has provided valuable input to the ECEE department’s strategic plan. Dr. Narayanswamy is deeply committed to the continued success and growth of the ECEE department.