Jason MucilliAlumni Engagement Medal Award 2022

Principal R&D Engineer, Surgical Safety R&D Lead, Medtronic

Career Path

Jason Mucilli (ElEngr’07) received his BS in Electrical Engineering at CU Boulder in 2007. He then went on to work at Covidien as an engineer, working his way up to Senior Development Engineer. In 2018, he was promoted to Principal Engineer at Medtronic. Throughout his career, Mucilli has worked to develop novel biomedical devices and technologies spanning the development of electrosurgical generators, laparoscopic visualization improvement systems, retained surgical item prevention systems and surgical smoke management solutions to name a few. He is a dedicated engineer that looks forward to his daily work developing novel solutions to increase safety in the operating room, for both patients and clinicians.

Contributions to the Biomedical Engineering Department over the past year

In 2018, Mucilli reached out to create research collaborations between CU Boulder engineering and Medtronic. During that time, the faculty were in the early stages of developing a new Biomedical Engineering Program. Owing to his enthusiasm, the program looked to Mucilli as an alumnus and community stakeholder to provide insights into industry needs for biomedical engineers, and what knowledge and skill sets were particularly important from the vantage point of industry. He has been a consistent and helpful partner ever since, and he has provided valuable feedback on programmatic curriculum. In 2020, Mucilli joined the Industry Advisory Board (IAB), where he is viewed as an enthusiastic and highly valued member. In 2021, Mucilli volunteered to serve as the Chair of a task force to provide industry feedback on the senior design capstone course for the program. He met several times internally at Medtronic, with other IAB members, and with CU faculty and students, to gather information and to make recommendations to the program.