Heather UnderwoodAlumni Engagement Medal Award 2022

CEO, EvoEndo, Inc.
Colorado Springs

Career Path

Dr. Heather Underwood (PhDTechMedSoc’13) received her undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Washington, her PhD in Technology, Media and Society from the ATLAS Institute, and completed a postdoc in the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program for medical technology innovation. Dr. Underwood is Chief Executive Officer at EvoEndo, Inc. She is a medical device and health technology entrepreneur, and has worked on a number of products in women's health, pediatrics, gastrointestinal medicine, wound care, allergies and ophthalmology. Dr. Underwood was previously an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver where she helped build Inworks—an interdisciplinary, human-centered design institute. At Inworks, she developed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. She also co-founded a nonprofit “biohacker” space, Denver Biolabs, to make hands-on synthetic biology and genetics education accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Underwood is also an avid baker, mountain enthusiast and pilot.

Contributions to the ATLAS Institute over the past year

Dr. Underwood has been engaged in ATLAS in numerous ways since her graduation. She has taught courses, provided input on the professional master’s program, and helped with curriculum development. Dr. Underwood has been a model alumna during the past year. Although she has been in a demanding role as the CEO of a startup, she has been engaged in ATLAS in significant ways. She has offered her expertise as an official and unofficial mentor to students. Dr. Underwood advised students through their practicums and helped them navigate their future careers. She’s provided advice on several projects, one of which resulted in a publication for ATLAS master’s students. She is always a favorite guest speaker. This year she spoke to three classes, and then met with multiple students after each talk. During a busy year for her as an individual, Dr. Underwood consistently made time for ATLAS faculty, staff, and students.

Dr. Underwood has also been directly involved in attracting students to the ATLAS professional master’s program. She has helped our students be successful during their time at CU, and with their job searches after graduation. Her engagement has increased student interest in entrepreneurship, product development, and health technology. In addition to helping individual students, Dr. Underwood has contributed to the graduate program through introductions to companies, NGOs, and individuals. Dr. Underwood has consistently given back to ATLAS, and made a difference to the program through her ongoing engagement.