Published: Jan. 8, 2021

Greetings CEAS community,

This week has been quite extraordinary and impactful to many of us within the community. On Wednesday, our nation witnessed an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol with individuals wearing and carrying items with a variety of symbols associated with white supremacy and oppression. I am deeply disgusted and angered by the events and response that took place Wednesday. I can imagine many members of our community recognized that the behavior and beliefs demonstrated yesterday do not align with their personal and professional values and beliefs. It is an important moment in time that we again engage in purposeful action and discussions around the historical and continuous white supremacy and patriarchy at play throughout our nation. We must recognize that the individuals involved in Wednesday’s incident are a part of America, while also demonstrating that behaviors, values, and beliefs of white supremacy, patriarchy, and overall oppression will not be accepted nor tolerated.

There are many emotions and reactions occurring within our CEAS and broader campus community, including yesterday’s message from Chancellor DiStefano. I want to specifically share care and support for Black, Indigenous, and community members of color experiencing another display of white supremacy in action during the mob attack, the differential response by law enforcement officials, and the continued criticism and comparison to social movements of many BIPOC communities. I want to encourage you to focus on self- and community-care and take the time to connect with those that provide meaningful support. I empathize with you all and understand the need to be in community during this time.

CU Boulder offers a variety of resources to support wellness and mental health. If you have not connected with these resources, I encourage you to explore them to see if there may be some support that you would find beneficial. As I connect with the words of leaders and healers in various communities, I have found some strategies that may also be of support include:

  • Prioritize self-compassion for your feelings and doing what you can to ensure your safety.
  • Disconnect from the news and social media if anxiety heightens making it difficult to regulate emotions.
  • Set boundaries around your conversations and how you’d like to engage in processing around the events of this week.
  • Get some rest, engage in restoration practices.
  • Engage in activities that show yourself some love such as meditation, journaling, engaging in an enjoyable hobby, physical activity, etc.

Overall, I encourage you to look for ways to nourish yourself and be mindful of what you are taking in during this time. One strategy that has been meaningful for me is listening to various songs that speak to community, justice and equity. I want to share a Spotify playlist that has been soothing for me, and welcome any suggestions for new additions!

Please do reach out and connect within our community as we continue to navigate the current social and political climate. Let’s continue to come together to demonstrate care and inclusion as we collectively pursue a more just and equitable society.

Take good care, community,

Amy E. Moreno
Director of Inclusive Culture