Published: June 2, 2020

Dear CEAS community:

The recent protests and unrest in cities across America and here in Colorado have highlighted deep-rooted racism in our nation. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor are but the most recent acts of violence against Black people. The frustrations expressed today are not new; they are the result of longstanding inequities and systemic discrimination that we must acknowledge and understand in order to be part of the solution.

As we navigate the days, weeks and months ahead, it is important that we come together as a community to continue the conversations and work that we have started. We must recognize that events on our campus, such as the racist incident in the Engineering Center last fall, as well as those throughout the country, impact our community disproportionately. Black communities continue to be threatened and oppressed, and we must stand together in solidarity to advocate for and create a safe and equitable future.

For everyone in our community who is feeling anger, despair or hopelessness right now, I want you to know that we support you and are pursuing justice alongside you. Together, our college is building a community of respect and an inclusive environment. The college strives to create a space where every student, staff and faculty member feels a sense of belonging and knows that we are valued.

We recognize that our community can only be part of the solution by taking action. In the days ahead, you will hear more from Amy Moreno, the director of inclusive culture for the College of Engineering and Applied Science. I began working with her prior to becoming interim dean, and I continue this work to address my privilege and biases while expanding my understanding of racism and injustice. The work has been eye-opening and deeply impactful in my personal and professional lives. Amy continues to coach me and other college administrators on inclusive leadership as part of our commitment to creating an inclusive community. 

Building on over a decade of experience, Amy is developing the strategy and resources, from education to community dialogues, to support the collective growth of our community. Expanding these connections, increasing education and developing community standards are part of our college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. She will share information on immediate actions you can take to find support, increase your knowledge and contribute to shaping the ongoing development of the College of Engineering and Applied Science as an inclusive community that fosters world-class education and research. 

In this moment, I encourage you to take care of yourself, to allow others to do the same and to be in touch with those around you who may need additional help or support. 

Be safe, be well and know we are stronger together.


Keith Molenaar signature

Keith Molenaar 
Interim Dean