Published: Oct. 14, 2019
Morgan Hill Headshot

Morgan Hill (MechEngr’13) lives in Boulder, Colorado, and has volunteered her time at numerous Mechanical Engineering events since graduating. Morgan is also a member of the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Board for the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Being a GOLD board member has allowed Morgan to remain involved and give back to the College of Engineering in a variety of ways that are beneficial to both current students and alumni. 

Tell us a bit about your path to becoming an engineer. How did you decide that mechanical engineering was something you wanted to pursue?
I was always interested and strong in math and science, and focused my energy in those subjects. In high school, I scored an internship where I was able to watch surgeries instead of attending classes once a week. During that time, I discovered the realm of medically-adjacent careers including engineers who create tools, machines, implants, and systems that are used for medical purposes. This was incredibly motivating for me, and I decided to target my skills towards helping others. Medical device development seemed like a sweet spot for me, and it was a natural progression from there. I began undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Biomedical Engineering, and went straight from there to complete my MS in Mechanical Engineering where my thesis research was on pain quantification and my design project was a medical device that used ultrasound energy to cut and coagulate sensitive tissue. 

What was your experience like as a student at CU? 
CU's engineering program enabled me to continue my passion and interest in medicine while studying engineering, which I really appreciated. I was definitely challenged by the curriculum and course load which made my time at CU fly by! During undergrad, I participated in the International Engineering program with French, which meant all of my electives were French courses. I studied abroad for a summer in Annecy, France to cover extra course requirements for the program. I also volunteered for St. Jude Children's Hospital by participating in fundraisers and visiting patients at the Colorado Children's Hospital.

Why has it been important for you to volunteer your time and give back to the College of Engineering and Applied Science since graduating?
Receiving an education from such a reputable school opened many doors for me in my life and career. It also enabled me to work in the field that I'm passionate about and to try to use my skills to make a positive impact. There were always people around me as a student who were helpful mentors, and there are multiple people I met at CU who made a real impact on me. I hope that incoming students, current students, and alumni benefit from their time at CU as much as I did, and I hope to help however I can. 

What are the highlights of serving as an alumni volunteer? Do you see yourself continuing to donate your time to CU?
I've really enjoyed volunteering with groups of incoming students, sharing some of my career experiences, and exploring opportunities they'll have. They're always full of enthusiasm and ask great questions. I've also really enjoyed being an adjunct instructor for Senior and Graduate Design courses, where I act as academic adviser and guide students to deliver a successful and impressive capstone project. Working with students in a volunteer capacity has been really fun and rewarding, and I definitely plan to continue my involvement.

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