Published: Sept. 17, 2018


Why did you choose engineering at CU Boulder?

I chose to be an engineering buff because Colorado has always been my home. I was born in Boulder, but grew up in Denver, so when I moved into the dorms my Freshman year, it felt like i had found a missing piece of me. Also, the Aerospace Engineering Program is so amazing here on campus and I couldn't pass up all of the opportunities they offer their students.

What does the #iLookLikeAnEngineer hashtag mean to you?

This hashtag, to me, means we are trying to open the eyes of a closed-minded world. It's so important to me not to judge someone by their looks because they could be a completely different person than what they portray. Anyone, regardless of how they look, is capable of creating the next greatest innovation.

What are three things that make you unique?

I feel like my openness to people and opportunities make me unique. I am willing to have difficult conversations in order to bring someone to their fullest potential. I've also been told my smile is larger than most because of the happiness I decide to carry around. It's a rare moment to see me not smiling or laughing. But most importantly, I am not the book to judge by it's cover. I may be blonde haired and blue eyed but I don't match the typical stereotypes of this image. It may surprise people once they get to know me, but it's who I am and I'm proud of the person I have made myself to be. 

What are your career goals?

Once I graduate, I hope to spend time working on drones that measure atmospheric properties. I hope to create an innovation that helps drones become more prevalent in our society.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." -Marilyn Monroe
 This is my favorite quote because it helps remind me I may be in a male dominant field but I am more than capable of doing everything they are, even if I am a woman. It gives me the confidence to strut my stuff somewhere women might be timid to do so. 

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is kite flying. It constantly reminds me why I chose such a difficult major and what I desire to do with my life. I think it's so amazing to see the dynamics of a kite in various wind speeds and environments. I am truly in awe every time my kite takes flight. My favorite part of it is trying to avoid the kite touching the ground and what maneuvers it takes to do so.

What do you enjoy most about engineering?

I enjoy the way engineering forces you to expand and use your mind in ways that are not typical. It requires us to work together as a team and bring in many different ideas in order to solve a problem efficiently, which could potentially have a ton of solutions.

What is your favorite engineering experience?

My favorite engineering experience was when the Design Build Fly club spent a meeting in the RECUV lab working on their plane. I walked down there and was just amazed at all of the equipment that was available. The RECUV team was working on a drone at the time and it was amazing being able to see what they were accomplishing.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Do not give up. It may not seem like everyone is struggling, but everyone is truly struggling. I suggest talking to the students sitting next to you during discussions and setting up study groups. Everyone struggles, so struggle together; it takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

Christl Haley, Class of 2020, George Washington High School Graduate, Aerospace Engineering