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The nearly finished Swaziland bridge at sunset.

That’s a wrap from the Bridges to Prosperity Swaziland team!

The team reports that despite working sunup to sundown on their last planned work day, the bridge still was not 100 percent complete. Rather than having a celebration for an unfinished bridge, they decided to have one final work day and invite the local dignitaries whose communities were benefitting from the project. The dignitaries worked alongside the people of Edlangeni to back-fill the bridge’s ramps.

“We have left Edlangeni knowing that the bridge is in good hands and the community will benefit those around it for years to come,” the team said in their final email dispatch. “We have officially turned ownership of the bridge … to the community and local government. Together they will finish filling the ramps and cast the final topping slab. While the team is a bit sad we won't be here to see the bridge entirely complete, we are happy that the community has taken strong ownership of their new piece of infrastructure.”

The team plans to post more photos when they return home, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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