Published: July 21, 2017 By

Strategic VisionToday we’re announcing our roadmap for the future – and the actions we will take to get there.

In my first semester as dean, we completed a community-driven brainstorming process to determine what our goals should be as an institution, and how we reach them. Out of this series of collaborative discussions, the strategic vision being released today was born.

This vision encompasses the needs and wants of every stakeholder – from faculty and staff to students to parents and alumni – involved in the college. It is guided by the University of Colorado Boulder’s strategic emphasis on leadership, innovation and positive impact. Many of our industry and government partners were polled for input and contributed to this process as well. Whether you’re a student, researcher, faculty or staff member, it’s important to know these pillars will help guide the college each day for the coming years.

You can download the full document, read it online or use this handy infographic. We also are still taking feedback – let us know what you like, how you plan to participate, or even what you take issue with – we want it all. Consider this a living document.

This vision was crafted to help institute positive, impactful change. This document will be our benchmark and our path forward.

While this vision documents our shared aspirations for the college, it's the people here who will make this happen. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones that the future of our college depends upon.

I look forward to marching toward our goals together, side-by-side.

Bobby Braun is dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.