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[Editor's Note: This post is part of a series sharing memories and stories of Professor David Clough as he approaches retirement. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #MyDaveCloughStory to share your memories on Facebook or Twitter, or submit your story online.]

David Clough in athletics facilityDavid, as I eventually felt comfortable calling him during my nine years of working with him at the University of Colorado, is a man that has had a profound effect on my career in intercollegiate athletics. When I first heard, as the new assistant athletic director/NCAA compliance officer at CU, that I would be working with Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. David Clough, who was a chemical & biological engineer, I must admit, I was a bit intimidated. However, the moment I met David, I knew that we would have a wonderful working relationship. What I did not immediately know is that we would become friends and enjoy the same leisure activities (e.g. golf and fly fishing) with one another for the rest of our lives.

David always treated me with respect, encouragement, positivity, patience, demonstrated his high level of integrity, was willing to express his opinion and listen for mine, encouraged my advancement and was just such a pleasure to work with and be around. Over the years we worked together, I bet I spoke or communicated with David in some fashion nearly every day. I so enjoyed my relatively short walk from Gate #1 of the stadium to his office in the Engineering Center, as I knew whatever we were working on together that day, be it a NCAA violation, a search committee, an equity issue or the final draft of a report, I knew I would learn something from him, be met by someone who was so passionate and proud of the Buffs and CU and was always so giving of his time for intercollegiate athletics and the experience of our student-athletes. He represented the University of Colorado as the Faculty Athletics Representative with such class, integrity, knowledge, experience, passion and joy. David was so giving of his time I often wondered how he could do all that was on his plate. But I quickly learned - he is as smart, efficient and clever as anyone I have ever met.

Dave Clough at Pac-12 championship gameI will forever be grateful for my time working with David. As I mentioned, I learned so much about the inner workings of a college campus. He is so trusted and respected by all that once others learned David was involved with what I was working on, it had instant credibility. David was so helpful in my decision to move on from CU to two other positions and my advancement in athletics, since my days in Boulder - onto the University of Wyoming and now, at the University of Minnesota. I always look up to David and consider him to be my mentor, friend and confidant. I am always so pleased when we would run into one another at a conference or an event. Those times may be fewer now that he is retired, but we will continue to get a round of golf in from time to time and spend a few hours on a river, casting our fly-fishing lines out together. Enjoy retirement, my dear friend David.

Julie Manning is the executive associate athletics director at the University of Minnesota.

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