Electrical, computer and energy engineering is a dynamic, ever-changing field. To keep up with industry needs, we have enlisted the help of an External Advisory Board (EAB), which periodically reviews our educational program, provides feedback and makes suggestions for further improvements.

The advisory board includes ECEE alumni from both the undergraduate and graduate programs who are now in leadership positions in companies. Current and past board members have generously contributed their time, unique skills and perspectives to a variety of collaborative pursuits with faculty and staff.

With the department already implementing many of their recommended strategies, the External Advisory Board will remain actively involved in evaluating their success, as well as helping develop and drive future initiatives.

EAB Code of Governance

Board Members

  • Susan Avery, President Emerita, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Matthias Brehler, Senior Director of Engineering, Qualcomm
  • Doug Cole, Senior Director of Defense and Aerospace, Qorvo
  • Jonathan Haines, Director of Strategic Firmware Development, Western Digital
  • Roger Hall, General Manager of Defense and Aerospace, Qorvo
  • Bruce Holland, CEO, Incubix
  • Andrew Kravitz, Senior Product Manager Instrument Connectivity, Emerson
  • Νikos Kopidakis, Scientist V, PV Cell and Module Performance Group, Center for Materials and Chemical Science and Technology, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Ram Narayanswamy, President, Teaq LLC
  • Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President/General Manager of Network Applications & Security Products, Keysight Technologies Inc. 
  • Dennis Pretti, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Micron Technology
  • William Radich, Managing Technologist of Custom Signal Processing, Seagate
  • Tim Stelzer, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, LineVision