What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home. ProctorU is available 24/7, however, you will need to schedule your proctoring session at least 72 hours in advance of your desired exam time. We also highly recommend that you test your connectivity 72 hours in advance of the exam time as well. Creating a ProctorU account is simple. You can securely create your account by launching into ProctorU using the LTI item just after this reading. Or, you can create your account by clicking here.

In order to use ProctorU, you will need a reliable high-speed internet connection, a webcam (internal or external), a windows or apple Operating System, and a government issued photo id. Please note you will not be able to use Linux systems to access ProctorU.

The University of Colorado Boulder and ProctorU recommend that you visit https://test-it-out.proctoru.com/ as soon as possible (at least, 72 hours prior to your proctoring session) to test your equipment. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser, and download the ProctorU extension. If you’re not using Google Chrome, please make sure that you are using the current version of your Firefox browser and have downloaded the ProctorU extension available at https://www.proctoru.com/firefox.

Additionally,  please visit and review the test-taker resource center here. Generally the startup process with the proctor takes about 10-15 minutes if you have completed the system testing beforehand. Otherwise expect to spend up to an hour completing the process. Please feel free to direct any questions to the student support team via the live chat within your account.


How does the MS-EE use virtual/remote proctoring?

Each for-credit MS-EE course will feature a proctored experience at the end of the course. This will generally be an exam, but may also be a project-based experience. The ECEE Department at the University of Colorado Boulder takes academic integrity seriously, and is committed to ensuring that your MS-EE degree accurately represents your competency and retains its value in the marketplace. Protecting the integrity of the course exams is part of this process.

The stakes of the proctored experiences in MS-EE courses are high. When you gain access to these protected items on the Coursera platform, you are no longer eligible for a tuition refund if you decide to drop the course, and you are no longer eligible for a course withdrawal. Accessing the protected examination means that you will only be eligible for an earned grade based on performance.


Instructions and Recommendations for Scheduling Exam Times

It is our strong recommendation that you do not start the proctored exam process until you are ready to take the exam and complete the course.

You will be able to take your MS-EE course final exams using the ProctorU remote proctoring service between 9am Mountain time on the day your class session starts and 5pm Mountain time on the day your class session ends. 

  • You must schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance of your desired day and time. For example: If the exam availability window closes at 5:00pm on a Friday, the last time you could schedule an exam would be that Tuesday at 4:50pm.

  • To secure your desired exam session time, log into ProctorU to schedule your session as soon as you know your desired exams session date and time. 

  • View the final exam availability calendar for your session.

More details about the relationship between proctored experiences and course drops and refunds can be found in the MS-EE Student Handbook.

Coursera has included some additional recommendations related to proctored exams in this Learner Help Center article: "Third Party Tools and Exam Proctoring in Degree Programs."


How does ProctorU work?

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows students to complete exams or project-based assessments online. This service ensures exam integrity and accountability for any test-taker with internet access using only a computer and a webcam. ProctorU monitors exam takers in three ways:

  • By using secure identity verification to ensure that the person taking the test is the correct student.

  • By employing a human proctor to monitor the test taker through a webcam. You’ll be connected to a real person to guide you through the process.

  • Proctor watches the students’ screen in real time and can see everything the student is doing.  


How it Works

  1. Create a ProctorU account before your exam appointment.

  2. You must make your appointment at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance and you can schedule when it’s convenient for you (not applicable for onboarding course).

  3. Complete the system test process at least 72 hours before the scheduled proctored exam by visiting https://test-it-out.proctoru.com/.

  4. You will need:

    • A computer

    • A reliable internet connection - if connectivity is lost during an exam, you may not be able to regain access.

    • A webcam

    • A microphone

    • Two forms of photo ID - one form should be a government issued photo id, second form of ID is recommended though not required

    • A reflective surface handy

ProctorU provides a number of support resources to help you prepare for your proctored exam. Visit their Test-Taker resource webpage for helpful information.


What to Expect


System Requirements

Privacy Policy

This program adheres to the University of Colorado Boulder’s commitment to the protection of individual privacy. This privacy statement can be read on the CU Boulder website at https://www.colorado.edu/policies/privacy-statement

In order to preserve the integrity of this program, exams will have live proctoring managed by ProctorU. Please read ProctorU’s privacy policy before you take the exam: https://www.proctoru.com/privacy-policy.