Welcome to the Department of Journalism. 

When you join our community, you benefit from a century of excellence in journalism education. The Department of Journalism, founded in 1922, was the first of its kind at the University of Colorado. We have built on that 100-year legacy to create a dynamic, innovative program for students of today and tomorrow.

In our classes, you’ll learn real-world reporting skills, like how to gather information, conduct interviews and produce compelling journalism—all while upholding the very highest professional and ethical standards. 

You’ll work across multimedia platforms, developing the skills you need to succeed in the ever-changing media industry. Our students have the opportunity to build professional portfolios of high-quality video, audio, text, photography and graphic work designed for mobile platforms, the web, social media, television, podcasts, radio and print.

In our program, you'll explore cutting-edge, emerging ideas in the field of journalism. Our students think critically about news, information and journalism’s role in a democratic society—analyzing the field in ways that enhance society and their own lives.

Our alumni are among the country’s top journalists and have recently won Pulitzer, Murrow and Peabody awards, among other honors. Many work in outstanding national publications, like The Washington Post, NBC, The New York Times and National Public Radio, and local news outlets, like The Denver Post, The Colorado Sun and Boulder Daily Camera

Here, you’ll join a vibrant community that shares a commitment to the highest ethical and innovative standards of journalism education and research. We hope to see you soon.