Today’s Journalism/Media and International Affairs majors are entering an increasingly globalized, technology-focused workforce. This undergraduate certificate program is designed exclusively for undergraduate students in the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI), and the International Affairs program (IAFS) in the College of Arts and Sciences. This certificate program will prepare students for job opportunities within and across the fields of news, global media, advertising, strategic communication, and international business, politics and diplomacy.

The undergraduate Certificate in International Media (IMC) is designed to give students a strong conceptual understanding of both communication media and international politics. The IMC allows students majoring in International Affairs at the University of Colorado to explore careers in international reporting, advertising, strategic communication and entertainment, while CMCI majors will acquire the context and perspective necessary to understand the debates and issues that dominate contemporary global society.

This certificate demonstrates interdisciplinary breadth and a high level of academic achievement.

International Media Certificate coursework allows students to study the geography, economics, history and policies that shape contemporary practices in media around the world. IAFS majors can expect to learn more about international news and communication media, and CMCI majors will learn more about how the world outside the United States operates.

The International Media Certificate requires no additional credit hours to complete with a regular bachelor’s degree, but it focuses your ongoing coursework and lets potential employers see the results. This certificate program is jointly administered by International Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Media, Communication and Information. The IMC selection committee will consist of the co-directors of the certificate from IAFS and CMCI.

To apply to the IMC, you must be either in the College of Media, Communication and Information or an International Affairs major in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a 2.75 overall GPA, and must have accumulated 30 credit hours, including six credit hours in your field of major. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.