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The master's degree in journalism prepares students for professional success in news outlets, digital and social media platforms, and corporate communications. 

The program offers two choices: the Professional Practice Option and the Area of Expertise Option. Regardless of option, this degree is designed for students with limited academic or professional experience in journalism.

The Professional Practice Option is for students who wish to focus on quickly obtaining advanced journalistic skills. It can be completed with as few as 30 credits and in as little as two semesters plus a summer.

The Area of Expertise Option is for students wishing not only to acquire advanced journalistic skills but also to complement them with an area of expertise, such as environmental science and policy. This option is designed for students with limited academic or professional expertise in journalism. This option can be completed with a minimum of 36 credits and in four semesters.

Regardless of option, the degree’s focus is on multimedia training and experience.  Students develop skills in information-gathering, storytelling and analysis across a variety of platforms and professional contexts, including video, online interactivity, social media, photography—and, of course, the printed word. They produce in-depth reporting projects in collaboration with professional media outlets in Colorado, and they complete internships at award-winning radio and television stations, newspapers, magazines, websites and other news organizations nationwide.

Both options begin with a three-week Media Technology Bootcamp course that takes place during our Augmester (the three weeks before the fall semester begins later in August).

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