The new interdisciplinary minor in Sports Media at the CU Boulder College of Media, Communication and Information offers students the freedom to explore many aspects of one of the largest industries in the world. The minor harnesses the strength of all of CMCI’s academic departments to deliver an introduction to numerous fields in the sports industry such as sports journalism, promotion and publicity, the economics of the industry, and sports media relations.

 This minor allows students the opportunity to study sports as culture, as communication, as an industry and as a social force. All CU Boulder undergraduates, regardless of college, school or major, will be able to earn a minor that complements their major degree with a set of sports-related courses.

The sports media minor includes coursework from several of CMCI’s departments as well as other CU Boulder academic departments. The minor requires 15 credit hours for CMCI students and 16 for non-CMCI students.

Interested in this minor?

If you are a CMCI major, you may discuss and declare the minor with your CMCI advisor. You can also declare by filling out a minor form at the front desk of CMCI advising.

For students outside of CMCI, the minor can only be declared once you’re enrolled in CMCI 2001: Intro to Sports Media Practices. 

Required classes for CMCI students: JRNL 3804 (Sports, Media & Society; 3 credits) or MDST 3331 (Sports-Media Complex; 3 credits).

Required classes for non-CMCI students: CMCI 2001 (Introduction to Sports Media Practices; 2 credits), JRNL 3804 or MDST 3331.

Electives: All students must take at least two electives at the 3000 level or above. 

Elective options: CMCI 3910, JRNL 2014 (Race and Sports Journalism); RUSS 2222 (Sports and the Cold War); PHIL 2240 (Philosophy and Sports); HIST 2516 (America through Baseball); CLAS 3009 (Modern Issues, Ancient Times: Ancient Sports); ETHN 3024 (Introduction to Critical Sports Studies); COMM 3430 (Communication, Culture & Sport); ETHN 3701 (Gender, Sport and Culture); ETHN 3702 (African American Sport Experience); ETHN 3704 (Athlete as a National Symbol); JRNL 3704 (Sports Reporting); JRNL 3904 (Sports Journalism and Gender); JRNL 4704 (Athletic Media Relations); ETHN 4714 (Sport for Social Justice); JRNL 4714 (Sports Broadcasting); JRNL 4724 (Sports Announcing)

*Students must complete all classes with a grade of "C-" or better and an overall GPA in the minor of 2.0. Students may apply no more than six credit hours of transfer work, including three hours of upper-division credit.         

Questions? If you need a credit audit or have a question about credits for graduation with the sports media minor, please contact CMCI Assistant Director of Advising Susan Avila. Include your student ID with all correspondence for a faster response. 

For all other questions, please contact the CMCI sports media minor Associate Director Marina Dmukhovskaya