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CLAC is a program designed to enrich coursework by affording students the opportunity to study texts and materials in languages other than English, which they typically can’t do in standard content courses due to unavoidable limitations in these settings. The program provides students with opportunities to explore their Asian language interests outside of the language classroom and across a wide-ranging curriculum in humanities, social and environmental sciences, or professional fields such as engineering or business. CLAC effectively allows students to integrate their Asian language skills into their content study in their field of interest, allowing them to enrich their studies of both. As defined by the nationwide CLAC Consortium: "CLAC supports translingual and transcultural competence as a reality for all students, not simply for those who major in a foreign language or participate in immersive study abroad programs. CLAC engages languages and intercultural perspectives to achieve a better and more nuanced understanding of content. It focuses less on bringing disciplinary content or culture into the language classroom than on assimilating languages and cultures into instruction and research across a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.”

CAS received Undergraduate Development Education Program funding from the College of Arts & Sciences to launch a CLAC pilot project over the 2017-18 academic year. In fall 2017, one-credit CLAC courses were added to Dr. Aun Ali's Introduction to Islam class and Dr. Andrew Stuckey's Chinese Literature and Popular Culture in Modern China class. In spring 2018, a one-credit CLAC course was added to Dr. Marcia Yonemoto's Writing Lives: Diaries, Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Letters as Historical Sources in Japan and Japanese America, 1860-1950 class. In all three cases, students used supplementary materials to get different perspectives and enhance their understanding of the concepts presented in the parent courses.

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Video of CLAC: An Effective Approach to Globalizing the Curriculum by Dr. JY Zhou:, presented at the University of Colorado Boulder on September 28, 2017.

Video of Engaging International Students through CLAC by Dr. Surronda Gonzalez: presented at the University of Colorado Boulder on April 10, 2018.