You can use a traditional checking or savings account to pay for tuition and fees.

  No transactional service fees

Both students and family members (who are authorized payers) can pay the bill online. Unfortunately, we cannot accept online payments from money market accounts, investment accounts, or home equity lines of credit. We do accept these methods by mail or in person.

We encourage payment from a checking or savings account in order to save money and avoid paying a nonrefundable 2.85% service fee charged by NelNet Campus Commerce for credit and debit card transactions.

How to Pay From Your Bank Account

Students (Buff Portal)      Authorized Payers (CUBill&Pay)

  1. Students log in to Buff Portal ( (Authorized payers log in to CUBill&Pay, select View & Pay Accounts and go to step 4 below.)
  2. Locate the Tuition & Fees card. It will be on the main Buff Portal page. Then click Balance Summary.
  3. On the Balance Summary view, you can see your current balance. To see the bill, click View/Pay Bill.
  4. You will see options for main campus (CU Boulder Tuition and Fees) and Continuing Education. Click View Account Details if you would like to see the bill first. Otherwise, click Pay Boulder Tuition and Fees to pay for main campus classes. You will pay for Continuing Education classes separately.
  5. Enter the payment amount and choose eCheck.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Enter your payment information and click Continue.
  8. Review the information and click Confirm to make your payment.

How to Edit Payment Profiles

  1. Students log in to Buff Portal ( (Authorized payers log in to CUBill&Pay and go to step 3 below.)
  2. Locate the Tuition & Fees card. It will be on the main Buff Portal page. Then click Balance Summary and View/Pay Bill.
  3. Select Payment Profiles and then click on the profile you want to edit. To create a profile, click Add Credit/Debit Card Profile or Add eCheck Profile.
  4. To add or edit a profile, enter new information and click Save.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Edit Payment Profiles