Start early! Inform the investment group or financial advisor responsible for initiating payments of the tuition due date a few weeks in advance because processing times vary. 

View annual cost estimates for university-billed costs based on school/college/program and budget examples which include indirect costs.

Make payments payable to the University of Colorado. Third party checks made payable to individuals and endorsed will not be accepted.

Include the student’s full 9-digit student ID number on the check.

Mail payments directly to the university at:

Bursar’s Office – OCM
University of Colorado Boulder
150 Regent Administrative Center
41 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0041

If a 529 program, trust fund, or other third party payer needs to be billed directly from the university (and cannot accept the bill in the student’s name), please send the letter of authorization to the address below prior to the tuition due date.

Sponsorships Account Coordinator
Bursar’s Office
University of Colorado Boulder
43 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0043

The Bursar’s Office will place the authorized credit on the student’s account and bill the organization directly. Please note the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that payment is received on time (late and finance charges will be assessed to the student if payment is received late). Additional sponsorship information for students is available at 3rd Party Sponsorships.