Are paper applications accepted, or must I apply online?

All graduate program applications are submitted online. Create an application here.

What does my application packet need to include?

Please see the application checklist.

*NOTE: As of April 2021, the Department of Applied Mathematics has decided to permanently remove the GRE test (both general and subject) from our Ph.D. and Professional MS program applications.​

Is there a website where I can check the status of my application?

Yes, but it is updated by Graduate Admissions as materials are submitted. If you have specific questions about whether or not the University has received your admissions materials, you may contact with those questions.

When will I be notified of the decision on my application?

Generally, applicants are notified of the graduate committee's decision by April 1. Notifications and your application status will be updated through the online application system.

Will I be notified of the decision on my application if I am not accepted?

Yes. All applicants are notified. 

How do I update information to my application if I have already submitted my application?

In order to update any information after your application has been submitted, you will need to contact the graduate admissions office. For domestic applicants, you can email For international applications, you can email


What should the required personal statement include?

The statement should provide relevant educational and work history and background information, such as how you became interested in the field of applied mathematics and how your background has prepared you for graduate study, as well as educational and professional goals. The personal statement is uploaded with the online application. While a resume may be included, it does not suffice as a personal statement.

Must I complete a financial statement?

Only if you are an International application and not offered funding with your acceptance. See the Tuition & Monetary Matters for International applicants page.


Can I apply for spring or summer admission or only fall admission?

Generally, the graduate committee of the Department of Applied Mathematics does not encourage spring or summer admission, largely due to the fact that required yearlong course sequences start during the fall semester. For this reason, the department has specific application deadlines which can be found on our website.

If it is past the application deadline, can I still apply?

Competition for admission to the Department of Applied Mathematics graduate program is keen, and it is highly recommended you apply by the posted deadlines for domestic and international applications. The graduate committee of the Department of Applied Mathematics reserves the right not to consider applications received past the deadline.

If I apply for the Ph.D. program and am not accepted to that program, will I automatically be considered for the MS program?

In the event that you are not accepted to the Ph.D. program, you will be considered for the MS program.

If I want to apply to more than one academic department at the University, do I need to submit another application for each program?

Yes, you must submit an application and fee for each academic program you apply to at the University. An exception is the MS with Computational Science and Engineering Track, which is strictly an add-on to a primary graduate program outside of Applied Mathematics.

If my TOEFL scores are not available until after the application deadline, should I wait until they are reported to submit all my application materials?

No, please submit all available application materials by the deadline. Official scores sent by ETS after the deadline will be added to your application. Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator if you have a specific concern.


Do I need to submit official transcripts?

For your application to the graduate program, it is acceptable to upload unofficial transcripts with your application. Once you have been admitted to the university, you will need to provide official transcripts.


Do all incoming graduate students automatically receive financial support from the department?

No, but most graduate students enter the program with either a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship.

How do I request financial support?

Please include the words FINANCIAL SUPPORT at the top of your personal statement if you are applying for the Professional Master's degree program. Doctoral candidates do not need to include this. All doctoral candidates are considered for funding and sent offers of support once admitted.

What are the approximate tuition and fees for the average graduate student at CU-Boulder?

While it is not possible for the department to quote exact amounts on tuition and fees for graduate students, you can obtain an estimate using the Bill Estimator.


Please see the Required Documents pages for domestic and international applicants.


What is the minimum TOEFL score for admission to the graduate program?

Computer-based: 250
Paper-based: 600
Internet-based (iBT): 100

Are there any exceptions for the TOEFL requirement?

The TOEFL/IELTS requirement is waived for students who qualify under the following conditions: a) the student’s native language is English, or b) the student has completed at least one year of full-time study at a U.S. Institution (or at an institution in a country where English is the native language), at the time of submission, or within two years from the desired admission term.

Is a GRE score required for applications to the graduate program?

No. As of April 2021, the Department of Applied Mathematics has decided to permanently remove the GRE test (both general and subject) from our Ph.D. and Professional MS program applications.​