The University of Colorado has a central online application for all graduate programs on the Boulder campus. Specific application requirements vary by department and program but the online application is always required. 

To apply to the graduate program in Applied Mathematics, create an account and complete an application by going to the graduate school website.  

Application deadline for domestic applicants:        December 1: to start the following fall semester
Application deadline for international applicants:   December 1:  to start the following fall semester

For detailed information on application requirements for graduate study in Applied Mathematics, see:

Admission into our graduate program is highly competitive. While there is no set of accomplishments that guarantees admission, here are several activities that historically have been viewed favorably by the admissions committee:

* Take advanced applied mathematics courses (such as real analysis, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, etc), and earn A's.

* Engage in a research experience

   - Good: participate in research

   - Better: participate in research that leads to co-authorship on a publication

   - Best: participate in research for which you are the lead author on a publication

* Do your homework with regard to understanding our graduate program. In your personal statement, be sure to address why you want to join our department.

* Actively engage with research faculty to the extent that if they were to write your letter of recommendation, they could speak concretely about your mathematical skills and promise.