Tracy Babb
Accelerated Time-Stepping of Parabolic and Hyperbolic PDEs via Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic Problems

Anna Broido
Describing the Tails of Degree Distributions in Real-World Networks

Jessica Gronski
Non-Convex Optimization and Applications to Bilinear Programming and Super-Resolution Imaging

Nathan Heavner
Building Rank-Revealing Factorizations with Randomization

Eric Kightley
Sparsified Gaussian Mixture Models

Michelle Maiden
Dispersive Hydrodynamics in Viscous Fluid Conduits


Joseph Benzaken
Propogation and Control of Geometric Variation in Engineering Structural Design and Analysis

Hillary Fairbanks
Low-Rank, Multi-Fidelity Methods for Uncertainty Quantification of High-Dimensional Systems

James Folberth
Fast and Reliable Methods in Numerical Linear Algebra, Signal Processing and Image Processing

Delyan Kalchev
Dual Least-Squares Finite Element Methods ofr Hyperbolic Problems

Zachary Mullen
Joint Temporal Modeling of Wind Speeds and Directions via the Projected Normal

John Nardini
Partial Differential Equation Models of Collective Migration During Wound Healing

Meredith Plumley
Investigations of Asymptotic Models for Convection-Driven Flows in Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluids

Benjamin Southworth
Seeking Space Aliens and the Strong Approximation Property: A (Disjoint) Study in Dust Plumes on Planetary Satellites and Nonsymmetric Algebraic Multigrid

Jay Stotsky
Computational and Mathematical Studies of Biomechanics of Biofilms

Peter Wills
Studies in the Analysis of Stochastic Processes

Xinshuo Yang
Reduction of Multivariate Mixtures and Its Applications


Jeffery Allen
What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Ice Sheet Models Using a Fluidity-Based FOSLS Approach to Nonlinear-Stokes Flow

Alyson Fox
Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) for Graph Laplacian Linear Systems: Extensions of AMG for Signed, Undirected and Unsigned, Directed Graph

Inomzhon Mirzaev ​
Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Long-term Behavior of Microbial Flocculation Equations

Rebecca Mitchell
Designing a Finite-Time Mixer: Optimizing Stirring for Two-dimensional Maps

Wayne Mitchell
Low-communication, Parallel Multigrid Algorithms of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Ben O'Neill
Multigrid Reduction in Time for Parabolic Problems

Ignas Satkauskas
Numerical Calculus of Probability Density Functions


Dale Jennings
Advances in MCMC Methods with Applications to Particle Filtering, DSMC and Bayesian Networks

Benjamin Sturdevant
Fully Kinetic Ion Models for Magnetized Plasma Simulations

Ze Chang
Qualitative Analysis of Some Nonlinear PDE Systems

Anthony Wong
The Impact of Stable Water Isotopic Information on Parameter Calibration in a Land Surface Model

Ashar Ali
ULF Waves and Diffusive Radial Transport of Charged Particles

Lei Bao
Efficient Time-Integration Schemes for the Discontinuous Galerkin Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Models

David Nieves
Investigations of Reduced Equations for Rotating, Stratified and Non-hydrostatic Flows

Bradley Martin
Application of RBF-FD to Wave and Heat Transport Problems in Domains with Interfaces


David J. Appelhans
Trading Computation for Communication: A Low Communication Algorithm for the Parallel Solution of PDEs Using Range Decomposition, Nested Iteration, and Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Michael Brutz
Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Several Diffusive Processes

Sijia Hao
Numerical Methods for Solving Linear Elliptic PDEs: Direct Solvers and High Order Accurate Discretizations

Christopher A. Leibs
First-Order Systems Least-Squares Finite Element Methods and Nested Iteration for Electromagnetic Two-Fluid Kinetic-Based Plasma Models

Nathan D. Monnig
From Nonlinear Embedding to Graph Distances: A Spectral Perspective

Henry P. Romero
Fundamental Limits of Network Communication with General Message Sets: A Combinatorial Approach


Yuanting Chen
Bayesian Semi-parametric Modeling of Time-to-Event Data

Jose Humberto Garcia
Beta-Plane Approximation Of wind Driven Ocean Circulation Using A First Order System Least-Squares Formulation

Dustin Keck
Aggregation Dynamics: Numerical Approximations, Inverse Problems and Generalized Sensitivity

Amrik Sen
A Tale Of Waves And Eddies In A Sea Of Rotating Turbulence

Sekson Sirisubtawee
Stability and Bifurcations of a Piecewise-Smooth Elasto-Plastic Inverted Pendulum Model: Towards an Understanding of Dynamics of Buildings under Earthquake-type Forcing


Douglas Eugene Baldwin
Dispersive Shock Wave Interactions And Two-Dimensional Oceanwave Soliton Interactions

Adam Merritt Fox
Destruction Of Invariant Tori In Volume-Preserving Maps

Ryan Dean Lewis
Nonlinear Approximations In Filter Design And Wave Propagation

Brock Mosovsky
Finite-Time Transport In Aperiodic Dynamical Systems

Jonah A. Reeger
A Computational Study Of The Fourth Painlevé Equation And A Discussion Of Adams Predictor-Corrector Methods

Per Sebastian Skardal
Periodic Behavior In Cardiac Tissue: Dynamics Of Spatially Discor­dant Calcium Alternans

Dane Robert Taylor
Spectral Theory For The Robustness And Dynamical Properties Of Complex Networks

John Villavert
The Analysis Of Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations


Zachary Alexander
A Topology-based Approach for Nonlinear Time Series with Applications in Computer Performance Analysis

David Biagioni
Numerical Construction of Green's Functions in High-dimensional Elliptic Problems with Variable Coefficients and Analysis of Renewable Energy Data via Sparse and Separable Approximations

Nathan Halko
Randomized Methods for Computing Low-rank Approximations of Matrices

Jason Hammond
Analysis and Simulation of Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Biology: Applications to Bacterial Biofilms and Fisher's Equation

Jerrad Hampton
Dissimilarity and Optimal Sampling in Urn Ensembles

Daniel Kaslovsky
Geometric Sparsity in High Dimension

Daniel Larremore
Critical Dynamics in Complex Excitable Networks

Douglas Lipinski
Efficient Ridge Tracking Algorithms for Computing Lagrangian Coherent Structures in Fluid Dynamics Applications

Kuo Liu
Hybrid First-Order System Least-Squares Finite Element Methods with the Application to Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations

Matthew Reynolds
Nonlinear Approximations in Tomography, Quadrature Construction, and Multivariate Reductions

Yuqi Wu
Parallel Scalable Domain Decomposition Method for Simulating Blood Flows in Three-dimensional Compliant Arteries


Erin Byrne
The Post-fragmentation Probability for Bacterial Aggregates

Adrianna Gillman
Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Ian Grooms
Asymptotic and Numerical Methods for Rapidly Rotating Buoyant Flow

Sean Nixon
Development and Applications of Soliton Perturbation Theory

Kristine Snyder
Tuning and Control in Human Locomotion

Kye Taylor
Modeling and Analysis of the Low-dimensional Geometry of Signal and Image Patch-sets


Jinyu Li
An Improved Short-DNA Elasticity Theory and a Model of the Dynamics of Biological Signaling Networks

Min Ho Park
Relaxation-corrected Bootstrap Algebraic Multigrid (rBAMG)

Lei Tang
Parallel Efficiency-based Adaptive Local Refinement

Patrick Young
Numerical Techniques for the Solution of Partial Differential and Integral Equations on Irregular Domains with Applications to Problems in Electrowetting


James Adler
Nested Iteration and First Order Systems Least Squares on Incompressible Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics

Andrew Barker
Parallel Monolithic Fluid-structure Interaction Algorithms with Application to Blood Flow Simulation

Benjamin Jamroz
Reduced Modeling of the Magnetorotational Instability

Christian Ketelsen
Least-squares Finite Element Methods for Quantum Electrodynamics

Michael Levy
A High-order Element-based Galerkin Method for the Global Shallow Water Equations

Si Liu
Parallel Fully Coupled Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Some Inverse Problems

Gregory Norgard
Shock regularization of conservation laws through use of spatial averaging in nonlinear terms


Nathan Aragon
Flip Estimators, Cross-Entropy, and Half-Stationary Bounding Processes for Monte Carlo Simulations

Seth Claudepierre
Solar Wind Driving of Magnetospheric Ultra-Low Frequency Pulsations

Terry Haut
Nonlocal Formulations of Ideal Fluids and Applications

Christopher Kurcz
Fast Convolutions with Helmoholtz Green's Functions and Radially Symmetric Band-Limited Kernels

Joshua Nolting
Efficiency-Based Local Adaptive Refinement for FOSLS Finite Elements

Cecile Piret
Analytical and Numerical Advances in Radial Basis Functions

Geoffrey Sanders
Extensions to Adaptive Smooth Aggregation (alphaSA) Multigrid: Eigensolver Initialization and nonsymmetric Problems

Michael Watson 
A Study of Rotationally Constrained Convection in Tall Aspect Ratio Annular Geometries


Chao Jin
Parallel Domain Decomposition Methods for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Analysis of Nonlinear Integral Equations

Jisun Lim
The Qualitative Study of a Chemical Reaction Diffusion System and Some Integral Equations

Wenjin Mao
Demension Jumping and Auxiliary Variable Techniques for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms

Jonathan Pietarila-Graham
Regularizations as Subgrid Models for Turbulent Flows

Thaned Rojsiraphisal
A Study of the Variablility in the North Indian Ocean

Brendan Sheehan
Multigrid Methods for Isotropic Neutron Transport

Jian Wang
Recovering Bayesian Networks with Applications to Gene Regulatory Networks

Julia Zuev
Recent Advances in Numerical Partial Differential Equations


Cory Ahrens
The Asymptotic Analysis of Communications and Wave Collapse Problems in Nonlinear Optics

Hong Liu
Rare Events, Heavy Tails, and Simulation

Mark Hoefer
Dispersive Shock Waves in Bose-Einstein Condensates and Nonlinear Nano-oscillators in Ferromagnetic Thin Films


Marcio Carvalho
Applying Perfect Simulation to solve Stochastic Difference Equations that arise from certain Time Series Models

Paki Suwannajan
Evaluating the Performance of Latent Semantic Indexing

Srinath Vadlamani
An Algorithmic Unification of Particle-In-Cell and Continuum Methods and a Wave-Particle Description for the Electron Temperature Gradient (ETG) Instability Saturation


Neil Martinsen-Burrell
Merger and Alignment of Three-dimensional Quasigeostrophic Vortices

Feng-Nan Hwang
Some Parallel Linear and Nonlinear Schwarz Methods with Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Eunjung Lee
FOSLL* for Eddy Current Problems with Three-dimensional Edge Singularities

Scott MacLachlan
Improving Robustness in Multiscale Methods

Richard McNamara
Applications of Spanning Trees to Continuous-Time Markov Processes, with Emphasis on Loss Systems

Paul Mullowney
Lagrangian Particle Transport/Mixing in Blinking-Roll Systems

Mark Petersen
A Study of Geophysical and Astrophysical Turbulence using Reduced Equations

Oliver Roehrle
Multilevel First-Order System Least Squares for Quasilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Matthew Tearle
Optimal Perturbation Analysis of Stratified Shear Flows

Eric Thaler
An evaluation of the operational use of numerical solutions to the quasigeostrophic diagnostic equations by weather forecasters

Chad Westphal
First-Order System Least Squares for Geometrically-Nonlinear Elasticity in Nonsmooth Domains


Allison Baker
Improving the performance of the linear solver restarted GMRES

Adriana Gómez-Hoyos (Dept. of Mathematics)
Conservative Maps: Reversibility, Invariants and Approximation

Luke Olson
Multilevel Least-Squares Finite Element Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

Cristina Perez
Simulating the Interaction Between Intraseasonal and Interannual Variability in the Tropical Pacific with a Coupled System of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

Kristian Sandberg
Forward and inverse wave propagation using bandlimited functions and a fast reconstruction algorithm for electron microscopy

Ulrike Schneider
Advances and Applications in Perfect Sampling

Grady Wright
Radical Basis function Interpolation: Numerical and Analytical Developments


Eric S. Wright
Modeling and Analysis of Aqueous Chemical Reactions in a Diffusive Environment


Travis Austin
Advances on a Scaled Least-Squares Method for the 3-D Linear Boltzman Equation

Brian Bloechle
On the Taylor Dispersion of Reactive Solutes in a Parallel-Plate Fracture-Matrix System

John Carter
Stability and Existence of Traveling Wave Solutions of the Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation and its Higher-Order Generalizations

Tim Chartier
Element-Based Algebraic Multigrid (AMGe) and Spectral AMGe

Andrea Codd
Elasticity-Fluid Coupled Systems and Elliptic Grid Generation (EGG) based on First-Order System Least Squares (FOSLS)

Rudy Horne
Collision induced timing jitter and four-wave mixing in wavelength division multiplexing soliton systems

Hugh MacMillan
First-Order System Least Squares and Electrical Impedance Tomography

Bobby Phillip
Asynchronous Fast Adaptive Composite Grid Methods for Elliptic Problems on Adaptively-Refined Curvilinear Grids


Vlatcheslave Akmaev
Phylogenic Approach to Molecular Structure Prediction

Michelle Ghrist
High-order finite difference methods for wave equations

Ken Jarman
Stochastic immiscible flow with moment equations

Vanessa Robins
Computational Topology at Multiple Resolutions

David Trubatch
Topics in Solitons and Inverse Scattering: I. Discretization of the vector nonlinear Schrodinger equation, and II. A new class of 'reflectionless' potentials of the nonstationary Schrodinger equation and solutions of the Kadomtsev and Petviashvili I equation


Markus Berndt
Adaptive refinement and the Treatment of Discontinuous Coefficients for Multilevel First-Order System Least Square (FOSLS)

David Sterling
Anti-integrable continuation and the destruction of chaos


Lora Billings
Dynamical Systems Methods Applied to Polynomial Factorization Families: a Study of Chaotic Attractors

Bernard Deconinck
The initial-value problem for multiphase solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviahvili equation

Laurie Heyer
The probabilistic behavior of sequence analysis scores with application to structural alignment of RNA

Peter Staab
Three-dimensional acoustic-rotational flows in solid-fuel rocket motors


Nicholas Coult
A Multiresolution Strategy for Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations


Robert Cramer
A Multiresolution Approach to Fast Summation and Regularization of Singular Operators

Barry Lee
First-Order Systems least Squares for Electromagnetics

Alejandro Spina
Confined States in Large Aspect Ratio Thermohaline Convection


Erik Bollt
Controlling Chaos, Targeting and Transport

James Keiser
I. Wavelet Based approach to Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, and II. Nonlinear Waves I Fully Discrete Dynamical Systems

David Sholl
Lattice Gas Models of Surface Chemistry


Scott Herod
Computer Assisted Determination of Lie Point Symmetries with Application to Fluid Dynamics

Arthur Mizzi
Spectral Representation of the Vertical Coordinate in Three-Dimensional Atmospherical Models on Tropical B- and f- Planes

Linda Sundbye
Global Existence of Solutions for the Shallow water Equations


James Brannick
Compatible Relaxation and Optimal Interpolation

Martha Nesbitt Limber
The Dynamics of Shooting Methods for Solving Sturm-Liouville Problems