Published: Sept. 3, 2019

Old Main building during fall

As CU Boulder enters into year three of the Academic Futures initiative, our implementation begins in earnest. Campus will experience the integration of our strategic initiatives—Foundations of ExcellenceIDEA PlanStrategic Facilities Visioning—into Academic Futures’ projects and themes, driving toward the central theme of Enacting Our Commitment to Furthering the Public Good.  

Financial Futures will continue to be a complementary initiative, as its purpose is to support the mission of CU Boulder through strategic financial alignment. 

Our focus this year is on four priority projects:  

  • Creating a common student-centered approach to teaching and learning 

  • Making excellence inclusive 

  • Teaching and technology, online and distance education 

  • Interdisciplinary teaching, research and creative works 

We will also continue to make progress on the other themes and projects in the Academic Futures report, including how our Strategic Facilities Visioning initiative will provide the physical infrastructure support needed to successfully execute the priority themes and projects. 

As the third year of Academic Futures progresses, campus is encouraged to help rethink the future of learning and discovery: