Prescription pills spilling out onto table

Let's talk about Rx use: Recognizing and reversing an overdose

Jan. 24, 2019

The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a national crisis. Knowing how to prevent and recognize an overdose, and how to respond to it, may save a life. Here's what you need to know.

Man at party calls 911

Watch your BAC: How to spot alcohol poisoning

Jan. 23, 2019

What does alcohol poisoning look like? What should you do to help? Learn more.

Person checks iPhone

What to expect when a crime happens on campus

Jan. 23, 2019

At CU Boulder, serious criminal activity is unusual. Theft and other property crimes make up the bulk of our cases, but when certain types of crime occur, we are going to notify you.

Hawk sits atop a light post with gold 'Be driven' flag

Tips for co-existing with campus wildlife

Jan. 16, 2019

CU Boulder's Environmental Services team offers a few simple reminders about interactions between people and wildlife on campus.

Person in hoody stalking woman on empty street

Quiz: How much do you really know about stalking?

Jan. 16, 2019

How well can you recognize stalking behaviors? Do you know what options are available? Test your knowledge of stalking with our interactive quiz.

Bike racks on campus

Tips for preventing No. 1 crime on campus: Bike theft

Jan. 16, 2019

As with most college campuses, bike thefts are the leading crime at CU Boulder, so be sure to read these safety tips and watch the short video provided by the CU Boulder Police Department.

Boulder in winter.

Winter weather: Safety tips and other information

Jan. 16, 2019

Winter in Boulder can bring unpredictable weather, including heavy snowstorms, high winds and dangerous wind chills. Take a moment to check out some winter weather tips and precautions.

Young woman talks on cell phone

Tips for avoiding common scams

Dec. 19, 2018

Scammers are well aware that college students, who can often be young and strapped for cash, tend to be good targets. Here are the most common scams that catch students every year.

Police Car

Phishing scam includes bitcoin ransom

Dec. 13, 2018

CUPD has become aware that there have been a number of threats made across the country that appear to be a phishing scam.

Police Car

Police arrest suspect on 26 counts related to residence hall burglaries

Dec. 12, 2018

The CU Boulder Police Department, in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, has arrested a Boulder County man for burglarizing four campus residence halls this fall.