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6 ways to get the most out of your summer internship

May 27, 2020

Internships can be crucial in developing your skills, understanding the world of work and securing a full-time position in the future. Here’s how to make the most of your experience and impress your employer.

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7 free websites to maximize your skills this summer

May 18, 2020

Summer can be a great time to focus on you! Whether you want to build professional or personal skills, there are a variety of resources available for you to learn new things.

Career advisors

Career Services says: Keep calm and apply on

May 8, 2020

Graduate students entering the job market face unprecedented challenges from a slowing global economy, a raging pandemic and record unemployment. Career Services can help.

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5 documents to work on this summer for your academic job search

May 8, 2020

The academic hiring season is fast approaching—some job calls may go out as early as August. Here are five crucial documents you can begin to draft now.

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Things to do this summer besides work

May 6, 2020

For many of us, this summer may be different from what we were expecting. Whether you’re looking for a job right now or looking for activities to fill downtime, here are some things you can do this summer.

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How to use your strengths during uncertain times

April 29, 2020

Even amidst these changes in our lives from COVID-19, your strengths can help you cope with these uncertain times. Learn more about the CliftonStrengths assessment.

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Career resources for Forever Buffs

April 27, 2020

While there have been changes in the workforce recently, many companies and industries are continuing to hire. Whether you have plans or you’re still figuring things out, take advantage of these career resources for Forever Buffs.

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How to find a job in uncertain times

April 27, 2020

Are companies actually hiring right now? While COVID-19 has impacted the workforce, many industries are needed now more than ever and are continuing to hire. Get tips and resources.

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The quickest way to find employers that are hiring now

April 22, 2020

Even during these uncertain times, there are still companies and employers who are hiring. Here are a few tips for getting started on Handshake and making the most of your search.

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Boost your job or internship search with your online presence

April 15, 2020

Looking for a summer internship or job? Not only can a robust online presence help you get noticed by employers, but it can also help you expand your professional network while we practice social distancing. Get tips.