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No shot: Why we won’t pull the trigger on gun control

May 20, 2024

Following years of high-profile shootings, communications expert and researcher Chris Vargo expected to find rising public salience around gun control. He didn’t.

People holding stop asian hate signs at a protest in San Francisco

From ‘Yellow Peril’ to COVID-19: New book takes unflinching look at anti-Asian racism

May 20, 2024

CU Boulder professor Jennifer Ho, editor of a new collection about global Anti-Asian racism, shares insights on what’s driving it and how communities are fighting back.

Tea is poured from a white kettle into a white cup.

How tea may have saved lives in 18th century England

May 20, 2024

A CU economics professor used historical records to quantify how tea, once it became popular and affordable, saved lives around England—not due to the herbs, but rather, due to the boiling of the water.

Seema Sohi

CU scholar wins support for research on political polarization

May 8, 2024

Associate Professor Seema Sohi is one of 28 Andrew Carnegie fellows who will receive stipends of $200,000 each for research that seeks to understand the polarization of society and how to strengthen democracy.

Protesters marching.

Weinstein, #MeToo and why social movements matter

May 1, 2024

Harvey Weinstein’s overturned conviction has #MeToo back in the headlines. The dean of Colorado Law explains why #MeToo still matters as a social movement. She contrasts it with another contemporary social movement, Black Lives Matter, and considers how the two relate.

Emily King Kinsey in front of Boulder Flatirons

Is communication around climate change just hot air?

April 22, 2024

A researcher’s experience in advertising, marketing and public relations gives her a unique angle to study organizational communications and policy around climate impact and awareness.

Composite photo of Ramaley building in 2017 and 1970s

Why the first Earth Day went viral (pre-social media)

April 19, 2024

If you were at CU Boulder in April 1970, you were likely aware―very aware―of the first Earth Day. Two CU Boulder professors explain Earth Day’s history, impact, what it’s become and if it’s still relevant.

illustration of the cosmos

Is there life out there? Scientists and philosophers aim to find out

April 17, 2024

CU Boulder is one of five spokes of the Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe, charged with exploring the nature and extent of life in the universe.

Columbine High School entrance sign

25 years post-Columbine, it’s time to invest in ‘violence prevention infrastructure’

April 15, 2024

On the eve of the 25th remembrance of the Columbine High School shooting, the director of CU’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence reflects on what we’ve learned and what we can do better to stem the nation’s tide of mass shootings.

prisoner in orange jump suit grasping prison bars

Gang ties don’t always bind

April 15, 2024

Research from CU Boulder sociology professor David Pyrooz shows for many prisoners, gang affiliation tends to drop off once they are released back into their communities.