CU Boulder’s core mission is to educate students and engage in cutting-edge scholarship and creative work, research and discovery. The success with which we carry out this mission determines our ability to accomplish our strategic imperatives, which are to shape tomorrow’s leaders, positively impact humanity and be the top university for innovation.

To ensure continuing success, the campus is now ready to embark on a conversation called Academic Futures: Rethinking the university – the futures of learning and discovery.

Program for Writing and Rhetoric Presentations
Over the spring, undergraduate Program for Writing and Rhetoric students developed research support for the Academic Futures Committee.  They looked at current educational research on their topic, evaluated peer institutions and model programs, identified metrics for success, assessed CU’s current assets, and made recommendations to the Committee.  Their final products included a short presentation to the Committee.  See their final presentations here.


Futuring Higher Education (K. DelPrince and A. Muszynski)

Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Education (J. Hanna, K. Epp, A. Harms)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities (A. Urban, E. Gabrielle, RJ Morley, A. Ray)

Blended Learning (S. Stokoe and B. Chabot)

Elevating Arts and Humanities (K. DeVore, M. Kendall, M. Pollich)

CU and Community: Service Learning (J. Lopez, G. Anhalzer, J. Vender Dussen)