Campus facilities play their own unique and vital role in supporting CU Boulder’s mission of education and research. More than 7,000 students live on campus. More than 30,000 attend class each day. Another 10,000 people work here. The successful journey of each is directly impacted by the spaces where they learn, research, work and live. At the same time, the ways in which our campus community learns and works are ever-changing.

To ensure facilities continue to enhance student success and support the campus mission while simultaneously improving the efficiency and resiliency of our infrastructure well into the future, we’re embarking on a Strategic Facilities Visioning initiative that will help us meet the pressing needs of today while aligning with the vision for tomorrow.

What's the latest?

Strategic Facilities Visioning phase 2 work is underway, with the six Scenario Planning teams convening for the first time in late February. The teams will continue to meet in March and April as they work to develop and test future facilities and infrastructure options for leadership consideration. The Process page on this site describes the focus of each team.