In order to chart a successful course for the campus on diversity, inclusion, and institutional excellence, CU-Boulder will develop the Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence Plan. As a campus, the intent is to define inclusive excellence in each academic and administrative unit and to work across units with faculty,students, and staff to create a common understanding of CU-Boulder’s vision, mission and strategic goals regarding diversity and inclusive excellence.

This plan will:

Reflect an evolving definition of diversity and inclusion at
Provide concrete recommendations for achieving diversity goals and action items in support of those goals
Define assessment tools that will be used to determine progress towards specific goals and identifying initiatives requiring modification
Prioritize recommendations based on those most likely to have an immediate and positive impact on inclusive excellence and campus climate

Inclusive Pedagogy

CU-Boulder will develop a comprehensive model of culturally responsive teaching – a pedagogy that engages learners while respecting their varying cultures as well as the integrity of the disciplines.
Diversity plan timeline