Published: Feb. 7, 2018

A child is having trouble learning, and dyslexia might be at play. An adult is a transitioning-transgender and is navigating what this means for their voice. A concussion survivor needs a cognitive evaluation and treatment to aide in recovery. An adult stroke patient is trying to regain command of their speech and communication.

CU Boulder’s Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic, which is open to the campus community as well as the public, can help people in these and other situations through its numerous offerings.

Designed for children, adults and families, options at the clinic include individual assessments to pinpoint a problem, as well as individualized and group-setting treatments. Additionally, the Child Learning Center, also located within the clinic, provides toddler and preschool groups for both developmentally delayed and typically developing peers, within an inclusive and diverse environment.

“Our assessments and treatments address people’s changes and challenges in communication,” said Shelley Sheppeck, director of clinic operations. “We can help those dealing with the results of strokes, recovering from brain injuries, or experiencing degenerative neurological conditions, for example.”

The clinic recently opened its new handicap-accessible playground, used mainly in the Child Learning Center, but also used in early-childhood assessments and treatment of children.

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The clinic services are part of training for graduate students, many of whom are studying speech, language and hearing sciences at CU Boulder to become professionals in the field. All services are supervised by clinically certified professional pathologists or audiologists.

Significant financial assistance for the services, in some cases up to 90 percent of charges, is available through the clinic’s sliding-scale program.  

Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic services

Speech-Language Assessment/Evaluation

For early-childhood or school-age children, as well as adults, the Speech-Language Assessment/Evaluation clinic helps identify communication strengths and areas of challenge or weakness in order to determine best possible treatment options. Get details.

Speech-Language Intervention

For early-childhood or school-age children, as well as adults, Speech-Language Intervention treatments address identified areas of communication challenges or weakness often utilizing the client’s areas of strength. Get details.


The Audiology clinic includes the “Hears to You” class for adults with hearing loss and their family members. Get details.

Child Learning Center

The Child Learning Center includes a preschool program, as well as a toddler play group, both designed to enrich children’s lives and development in a group setting. Get details.