AUD Group PictureEach semester, we provide a "Hears to You" class for adults with hearing loss and their family members.

AR Class Review: Your organization of the presentations and handouts added much to encourage the active participation of each and every attendee. Each of you generously injected personal experiences into the discussions. This gave us a sincere belief that you personally understand our  daily mental state of anxiety. Thanks to you all for choosing this profession, one that requires much patience and a soft bedside manner for an invisible defect. I think I speak for all attendees, that we left feeling we can do something, however small, to help ourselves and have a place to rejuvenate our spirits when we have that need.

Please contact the University of Colorado Hospital Hearing and Balance Center to address your hearing and balance needs.:

Contact: 720-848-2800



5495 Arapahoe Avenue 

Boulder, CO 80303