Animal Care & Supplies

Animal HusbandryUse this form to request new cages to be set up, provide specifications, and more!

New Cage CardsRequest new cage cards for separations for purposes other than weanings.

Cage cards from weanings are managed using a form within Topaz -  see below for instructions.

New Cage Cards from WeaningWhen maintaining your own colonies, report new/weaned animals and request new cages & cards via Topaz.
  1. Log in to Topaz
  2. Go to Animal Orders > Create New Order
  3. Select Order Cards for Weaning

For detailed instructions, click the blue button above.

Vet ServiceRequest technical/veterinary service using this form.

External Purchase OrderUse this form to order supplies including pharmaceuticals.

What is Special Care? How do I request it? Please read the information regarding special care requests and submit the completed form to

Animal & Protocol Administration

Order or Import Animals (viaTopaz)Whether ordering commercially or importing animals from another institution, you can place your order request through Topaz. Any animal order will be automatically deducted from your protocol.
  1. Log in to Topaz
  2. Open Animal Orders and select Create New Order
  3. Select the appropriate form (Animal Ordering Form or Import Request)

Click the blue button above for detailed instructions.

Add Strain/Stock/BreedPrior to ordering and using a new strain/stock/breed, it must be approved by the IACUC, added to your protocol, and added to the catalog in Topaz. Request using this form.

Report Animal UsageUse this form to report animals usage not reported via weans, imports, or animal orders. This might include animals euthanized prior to being weaned by OAR staff or used for genotyping. Animals ordered from a vendor, weaned by OAR, or imported from another institution are already deducted from the protocol; no further action is required.

Transfer Animals (Internally)Use this form to transfer animals between protocols or between CU Boulder facilities.

Export AnimalsInitiate your animal transfer to another institution using this form. Please note, you may be required to complete an Materials Transfer Agreement or get approval from the Office of Export Controls.


    Other OAR Forms

    Facility Access Application Please complete the required IACUC & OCC Health trainings AND be added to an approved protocol BEFORE submitting this application. For more information regarding this process, see Getting Started. To check the status of your application, contact OAR.

    Login Instructions

    Training RequestRequest procedure-specific, hands-on training provided by the OAR veterinary staff. Please do not use this form to request a facility orientation. If you have submitted the Facility Access Application, OAR will contact you when you have completed all prequisites to arrange your orientation.

    "Gotcha!" (OAR Staff Recognition Award)Catch someone going above and beyond in providing exquisite animal care? Take a moment to fill out this form and let them know how much you appreciate them! ("Gotcha" recipients are recognized at the monthly all-staff meeting.) Thank you!

    For information regarding OAR Services, including training, veterinary services, and rates, please see Services & Rates.