The IACUC is pleased to announce the launch of our new protocol software, eProtocol by Key Solutions as the electronic research administration system supporting animal research. Protocol development, submission, and review by the IACUC is conducted within this system. Other administrative processes including animal ordering and billing are processed via the eAnimal module in the Key Solutions software suite.

eProtocol Login

Tips on Accessing Key Solutions

  • VPN: While accessing Key Solutions from off-campus, we encourage signing into the VPN for added security. If you do not have the always-on VPN you can sign in via Cisco AnyConnect.
  • Which Browser should I use?
    • Whether you're on a PC or a MAC, it is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox to access Key Solutions
      • Most other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, are also supported.
  • Pop-ups are Required: Key Solutions is a pop-up based software, and must be enabled on whichever browser you choose.
  • Help: If you experience technical difficulties accessing Key Solutions through the above browser methods, please do not hesitate to contact the IACUC Business Analyst at

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Key Solutions User Guides

eProtocol Investigator Guide

How to: 

  • Create and Submit Original Animal Use Protocols
  • Submit Amendments
  • Submit Continuing Reviews (formerly interim reviews and 3 year renewals)
  • Submit Incident Report forms (formerly Unanticipated Adverse Events)
  • View Protocol History and Print Protocol Approval Letters

eProtocol Reviewer (IACUC Member) Guide

How to:

  • Review and provide feedback on protocols

eAnimal Investigator Guide

How to:

  • Create and Manage Animal Orders
  • Manage Weanings, Cage Splits, and Cage cards
  • Manage Speedtypes
  • Initiate Transfers between Protocols and Facilities (Internal and External)
  • Perform Census

CU Boulder is committed to making information and resources accessible to all users. We will work with the vendor to ensure system accessiblility to all users, if you need any assistance please contact the IACUC Business Analyst at