The goal of the Entrepreneurial Fellows Program is to foster and promote entrepreneurship through successful technology translation and mentorship. The program is sponsored by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO) in partnership with the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS). RIO and CEAS will welcome up to three Entrepreneurial Fellows to join our efforts for the 2018–19 school year. Fellows will actively pursue entrepreneurial endeavors related to research translation and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Discretionary funds ($5,000) to invest in a venture, including training and travel funds
  • Teaching buyout (one course) to provide time to mature IP, perform technology transfer, gain patents and/or start a company
  • Collaboration opportunities with other entrepreneurial faculty


  • Expectation to use resources in a positive way
  • Use teaching buyout and discretionary funds to advance technology translations from the lab toward commercialization
  • Beginning in the second year, these Entrepreneurial Fellows will be transitioned to a mentorship role as Entrepreneurial Mentors. Entrepreneurial Mentors are expected to actively mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs and proactively share their experiences and lessons learned with broader audiences. Through this mechanism, a mentoring network will be established across the university. Former fellows will engage in active mentoring as outlined below:
    • Actively mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Share experiences and lessons learned with broad audiences
    • Work closely with the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in appropriate mentoring roles. Examples:
      • Serve as a mentor within the TTO Commercialization Network
      • Serve as a panel member or speaker with the Commercialization Academy
  • Advocate to advance entrepreneurship goals in appropriate departments, colleges, institutes and across campus

Application Process

For full consideration, please submit the following items to by October 15, 2018 (applications submitted after October 15, will be considered on a rolling basis until November 1, 2018):

  1. A one-page proposal addressing the following:
    1. What will you accomplish during this fellowship?
    2. How will you use the discretionary funds?
  2. A two-page CV highlighting past entrepreneurial activities as indicators for success
  3. A one-page Letter of Support from Department Chair


The Entrepreneurial Fellows Program is open to tenured/tenure-track faculty from any CEAS department or major.


  • Application due: October 15, 2018 (applications submitted after October 15, will be considered on a rolling basis until November 1, 2018)

Applicants will be notified of their status by November 9, 2018.