Published: March 4, 2021

The Research & Innovation Office has developed additional guidance—in compliance with current COVID-19 dial status and current COVID-19 public health orders—for individuals approved through the Return to On-Campus and Field Work form and process to meet within small groups under certain conditions.

Anyone approved through the Return to On-Campus and Field Work form and process is now permitted to meet in small groups under the following conditions:

  • All individuals must follow established campus protocols: complete the Buff Pass daily health check-in each day they will be on campus; participate in weekly monitoring tests if they are campus at least one day a week; wear a face covering; keep physically distant; and adhere to all current safety practices and COVID-19 dial restrictions. 
  • Indoors, groups up to 3 people may meet in person for no more than an hour at a time while adhering to appropriate building and room density requirements.  
  • Outdoors, groups of up to 8 people may meet in person. 
  • No individual engaged in approved on-campus or field work who is uncomfortable meeting in person via this process may be required to do so. 
  • Anyone wishing to participate in such small group meetings but not already approved through the Return to On-Campus and Field work form and process should first apply to return to on-campus or field work. For those already approved to return to campus or field work, no additional approval is needed.