Buff Pass is CU Boulder's confidential, mobile-friendly application for direct access to: 

Complete Your Daily Health Questionnaire

Completion of the Daily Health Questionnaire is:

  • Required for all faculty, staff and students each day you intend to be on the CU Boulder campus. 

  • Required before you engage in any on-campus activities

  • Replaces existing daily health forms

After completing the form, you will receive one of two statuses for your daily Buff Pass: 

  • On Campus:  Gold buffalo indicates user is cleared to be on campus for the day

  • Stay Home: Red house indicates user should stay home for the day

Please note that students, faculty and staff might be asked to show their daily Buff Pass before entering certain activities or events on campus.

Review the user guide and frequently asked questions on how to use Buff Pass. Users can also install Buff Pass on devices for easy access.

Upload COVID-19 Test Results

This will route you to the MyCUHealth patient portal to upload test results to Medical Services. 

Display Herd Tracker for Building Occupancy Rates

The herd tracker provides occupancy information for campus locations. Faculty, staff and students can use the information to make decisions about when they might want to visit a campus building while also knowing that all locations’ COVID-19 occupancy limits are monitored. It is not intended to provide real-time data but provides:

  • A visual display of density in buildings across campus based on typical occupancy during time periods 

  • Typical occupancy data derived from Wi-Fi network loads (does not track any personally identifiable information) 

  • A way to navigate to a specific on-campus location and filter by day of the week to see when places are most and least visited

View Notifications From CU Boulder

CU Boulder officials will use the notification feature to provide updated COVID-19 information. 

Information for Supervisors

  • Submission updates from employees: CU Boulder supervisors will continue to receive weekly summaries of their employees’ daily health check-ins each Friday via email. Individual responses are not shared with supervisors.

  • Required actions by supervisors/department chairs: The campus COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy notes that supervisors and department chairs are responsible for enforcing employee compliance in filling out the daily health check-ins in consultation with Employee Relations and the Office of Faculty Affairs.

  • Report an employee illness: Supervisors who need to report an employee out of the office because of possible COVID-19 symptoms, confirmed illness or close contact with a probable case can click on the link under the Buff Pass menu to share information with the campus contact tracing team or contact Employee Relations for assistance. The reporting supervisor will need to provide the contact information of the subject of the report.