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You may qualify for in-state tuition through the Colorado domicile of your biological or legally adopted parent. Step-parents may not complete a parent petition on your behalf unless they have legally adopted you.

Submit a completed Parent Petition to demonstrate parent domicile in Colorado. See the deadlines for submitting a petition.


An unemancipated minor is presumed to have legal Colorado residency if they have a parent or legal guardian who resides in Colorado, whether or not that parent provides any actual support or has legal custody. Residency requires making Colorado your permanent, fixed home for at least one year prior to the start of classes.


You may qualify for in-state tuition through the domicile of a Colorado guardian only if your guardian has legal custody as defined by Colorado Revised Statutes §19-1-103(73). The court appointing the guardianship must certify that the primary purpose of the appointment is not to qualify the student for in-state tuition. The court must also certify that your parents do not provide financial support. The guardianship must be in effect for at least one year. Power of attorney is not guardianship.