You need to review and approve these pages, commonly referred to as prereg items, every semester. Once classes are posted, you can access your prereg items by logging in to MyCUInfo and clicking Register for Classes. If prompted, select the term you're enrolling in, then click Continue.

Update Your Contact Information

Click the verification checkbox after reviewing each section.

  • Addresses: Both a home and a Local address are required. You probably already have a Home address in the system; confirm that it's correct. To make a change, click Edit. For international addresses, click Change Country. Click the Add a New Address button to provide the Local address where you'll be living during the term.
  • Phone Numbers: A Cell/Mobile number is required. Click Add a Phone Number to provide your domestic Cell/Mobile number (phone numbers requiring a country code are not accepted). If you don't have a domestic cell number, enter 000-000-0000. A Home phone number is not required, but if there's one listed, confirm that it's correct.
  • Emergency Contacts: If you're involved in or experience a health or safety emergency, the university will contact whoever is listed here. At least one emergency contact is required. Click Add an Emergency Contact and enter the information for your Primary Contact. If there are other people you'd like to include as emergency contacts, add them as Other Contacts.

Click the Continue button at the bottom of the MyCUInfo page to move on.

Accept the Terms of the Tuition and Fee Agreement and Disclosure

After you've read the disclosure, click I Agree at the bottom of the page.

Apply for and/or Authorize the College Opportunity Fund (COF)

  • Out-of-State and/or Graduate Students: You'll skip this step and move ahead to the Student Opportunities page.
  • Undergraduate Colorado Residents Approved for COF: You must grant CU access to these funds. Click Update Authorization next to the term you're enrolling in and choose your authorization type (we recommend Lifetime Authorization). Click Submit, then Confirm, then Continue to Enroll.
  • Undergraduate Colorado Residents Who Have Not Applied for COF: Follow the link to apply for COF, or make note of it and click Continue to Enroll.

For more information about COF, see College Opportunity Fund.

Select Your Student Opportunities

Sign up for an optional student opportunity that interests you by clicking the button next to each one; the fee in the right-hand column will automatically be added to your bill. Click Submit at the bottom of the page, then click Confirm after you've reviewed your selections. Learn more about student opportunities.